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Rude Tube, Channel 4's hit television show, was first aired in 2008. The show has a huge fan following and is enjoyed by the young and the old alike. The show is hosted by Alex Zane and has surpassed many TV series on various networks in viewership. The show aimed at showing the best of YouTube to the general public through the channel.

What Is Rude Tube?

Rude Tube is a TV show which shows the most bizarre and funny video clippings to the audience. The clippings are the best of YouTube and have interesting topics as the titles. This includes topics like Drink and Drugs, Heroes and Villains, and Superstars of the Web, to mention a few. The pilot Rude Tube TV show was in Channel 4's E4. The second season of E4 Rude Tube was hosted by Matt Kirsten. The third season saw the return of Alex Zane. This was Rude Tube 2009, and it showed 50 top rated video clips by the viewers in the year 2008. Rude Tube 2010 previewed by showing 50 best of YouTube videos. Season four of Rude Tube has topics like music Rude Tube, Animal Madness, and Total Stunts. The catch of the show is that there is no need to spend hours in front of the computer to search for the best videos. They are handpicked for the audience and shown on TV. The audience can watch it without any hassle and with a bowl of popcorn in their hands.

The bizarre videos shown are sometimes funny, gory, gross, or sometimes even painful. Viewers' discretion is always advised and the program is definitely not for kids. Some videos are of course extremely rude. The videos are selected by a team who views more than 25000 online videos, especially YouTube, and selects the 50 best out of them. When a particular topic is selected, the best 50 based on that topic is chosen and aired on the show.

Rude Tube Online

There are many websites that take the cue from Rude Tube and allow the public to upload videos that are bizarre and funny. These websites also have links to Rude Tube top ten videos. Any person who happen to film or come across a very unique and weird matter can post it on the website. The site allows members access and community formation as well. The visitors of the site can vote for their favorite video, and based on this the rating is given to the videos.

Rude Tube is a really innovative show on television. Picking videos off the internet and making it visible to more and more people through television is ingenious. As the host of the show himself is a self-professed viral video addict, the presentation of the show is both authentic and funny. The show saves viral video addicts a lot of time from having to search the net for the best of them. Rude Tube's team does this work. All the viewers have to do is to watch the clips back-to-back when the show is aired.

About the Author is an ideal website for the Rude Tube fans who would like to upload similar videos. The site has millions of bizarre videos uploaded by the members that personify Rude Tube TV show.

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