Rude Tube is a really innovative show on television. Picking videos off the internet and making it visible to more and more people through television is ingenious. As the host of the show himself is a self-professed viral video addict, the presentation of the show is both authentic and funny. The show saves viral video addicts a lot of time from having to search the net for the best of them. Rude Tube's team does this work. All the viewers have to do is to watch the clips back-to-back when the show is aired. is an ideal website for the Rude Tube fans who would like to upload similar videos. The site has millions of bizarre videos uploaded by the members that personify Rude Tube TV show.

The best videos of rude tube watch them at

See the whole Rude Tube Ultimate Champions rundown - the show's back on Channel 4

The new rude tube is here, but you can still watch the old rude tube videos, the funny animals,Epic Fails, hot for words and some of the funniest videos of the net

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